Use Wooden Bird Feeder Plans To Get the Look You Want

It has been too many years to count now, the morning I went outside looked around and said to myself, wow am I blessed.  I have a gorgeous yard with flowers, flowering trees, and beautiful oaks.  What is missing I

Three absolutely gorgeous, decorative bird feeders, with intricate exterior work

Extra Fancy WOW Bird Feeders

thought, and then I realized there were few or no birds in my yard.  It was then I went to work to change all of that when I decided that I would build my very first wooden bird feeder.  That’s just what I did right after I bought a set of bird feeder plans.

It was one of those times in my life when I wanted something ornate and decorative and nothing less would do.  While the ones above I did not make, the one I did make that season looked very much like the one on the far right.  Yes, I put my heart and soul into the outside of the house, but it was worth it.

Hi Everyone, it’s me Rose with an update for you.  Recently, I found a household woodworking project dream.

We all know that only the best of plans tell you what tools you’ll need, never mind how to use them.  At our house, we’ve had more woodworking projects than just me building bird feeders, and we are ever so glad we now have this series of 10 eBook guides entitled, “How To Build Anything With Three Tools”.  Each of these 10 books sells for $4.95 apiece, but they are available now at a terrifically reduced price when you get the whole series.  The whole series is virtually only half of what you’d spend on each book separately to the set.

Together, these little woodworking bibles cover the three tools you must have, how to use those to make the guides which allow you to saw with absolute precision.  There is even a separate book which explains which kind of wood you should purchase for each type project.  These ten eBooks will give anyone the confidence to begin woodworking projects.

We’ve all been there staring at pictures or sketches on a plan sheet which contains no helpful information on how to proceed.  It’s like having your dad or your grandpa there to help you when you have this information handy on your work bench.  My grandfather was a carpenter and used to build beautiful bookcases for my grandmother, so when I saw these books, I was thrilled.  Take a peek at “How To Build Anything With Three Tools”.

On a more practical note however, regardless of how pretty your new wooden bird feeder is, in order for it to attract birds and fulfill its promise you must follow these guidelines:

Eye Appeal

There is an old saying among architects that goes something like, “it costs the same amount to build ugly, so why build ugly?”  The same goes for your bird feeders.  Make sure your new bird feeder has eye appeal for everyone including the birds.  After all, it will be looked at since bird watching is why you are building it.  Besides, it is an extension of your home.

It bears repeating that to use bona fide bird feeder plans will ensure your project ends in an attractive way regardless your woodworking skill set.  These plans are not only step-by-step instructions, but are also guides as to the tools and materials you will need.

Proper Placement

The feeder should be placed in the best possible area for the birds to come.  Take these factors into consideration when planning where you will put it.

First, the birds have to notice it and the feed and it will have to be in a location in which the birds feel safe.  There is no reason the bird feeder shouldn’t be a focal point in your yard, so proudly display your new feeder.

Sense of Security

Place the feeder well off the ground so it is well out of reach from dogs and kitty cats.  Birds are afraid of these animals and will not frequent a frightening bird feeder.

In addition, it is important to keep insects out of the bird feed, so be sure to build it in such a way that the birdseed is protected from the weather and well ventilated to keep it dry.  Remember to check your feed periodically to make sure the seed is edible and fresh.

Finally, when you are building your little masterpiece paint as much as you

Decoriative little cedar tray bird feeder with a roof

A cute little wood worker's delight of a small tray feeder with a roof and made of cedar to keep the insects away from the feed.

like on the outside, but leave the interior exposures to the birds and the feed unpainted.  Also, used untreated wood too.  These two little steps will help to ensure your birds are not harmed by any chemicals in the paint or in treated wood.

I’ve been writing on bird watching and building your own birdhouses and bird feeders from plans  for some time now and wouldn’t build without them.  The  two links which follow are a valuable resource for many of my

readers.  With just under one hundred to choose from, these two highly skilled draftsmen have put together the best collections of bird feeder plans on the market today.  In addition, for a low price they both include literally thousands of additional woodworking plans for various projects around the house.

Thanks for reading and drop me a line…..  Rose

Save a Purple Martin – Give Him a Home

These fun to watch birds are some of my absolute favorites, and while they’ve already made it into Florida many of you further north are just beginning to see them back in their hotels.  Yes, I meant hotels….  these birds live and nest in houses where several families of  purple martins reside.  As you read on you’ll note the bird feeder plans and birdhouse plans for birds like these are a bit more complex.

Because of this complexity and the time of year, I thought I’d let you know about a set of books I ran across which might be very helpful for both those who already have confidence in their wood working abilities as well as those who want to try their hand at building a feeder from scratch using bird feeder plans.  Sometimes the plans we get really aren’t the best and these books can be very helpful.

It’s a set of 10 eBooks entitled, “How to Build Anything With Three Tools”.  These books normally sell for $4.95 each, but the author is having a special right now and will let you have all ten of them for almost 50% off the individual price.  These are great and well illustrated and even go into which kinds of woods you should choose for specific projects.  This is especially helpful when you get plans which are only sketches with no meaningful instructions or advice.  If you try them out, I believe you will like them as much as I do.  You can review them for yourself by following this link to, “How To Build Anything With Three Tools“.

Hope you like them….  


Without the sounds, beauty, and colors of our backyard birds, no garden can be complete.   Given numbers of Americans and Brits who love their birds and the hobby we call bird watching, we must surmise it is a delightful British

Purple Martin house lowered on its pole for easy cleaning

Purple Martin Hotel Lowered for Cleaning

thing that came to America with them.  Like no other two places in the world, these two countries have more backyards dotted with bird feeders and birdhouses than can be counted.  The only real difference between the us Yankees and the Brits is we call our backyard bird nesting places, birdhouses, while the Brits call them nest boxes.

Like the birds themselves, birdhouses come in all shapes, and sizes, and range from the decorative and architectural to the very spartan.  The design of these birdhouses is species specific, so the variety of bird desired in the garden will be dictated by that design.  Those of us who spend a great deal of time in our gardens or backyards can hardly imagine it without birdhouses and bird feeders.

The decorative birdhouses, while totally functional for nesting and breeding purposes, vary from modern art, to architectural replications of the main house.  Some can seem as if divined by the whimsy of  a school girl while others might be satirical copies of existing places of note.

While more involved than some of the simple feeders to build, many people love to buy birdhouse plans along with bird feeder plans for that coordinated look that is only achievable when you build them yourself.  The preceding links are from two places I feel comfortable recommending for woodworking plans of all kinds.  On the other hand, the rest of us are totally happy with the birdhouses available at our local garden supply or online.

Some of us delight in the fact that by providing shelter and food for various birds, we help them survive on this earth.  The Purple Martin is once such glaring opportunity for us to help.  While other birdhouses are merely decorative, the Purple Martin House in vital to the survival of the species.

These birds come each spring to the United States to breed.  While mostly in the eastern half of the the country, they may be spottily found further west.  This return to the U.S. begins in mid-January on the western coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area and lasts through the beginning of May when the birds reach the northern states and southern Canada.

Purple martins, though, аrе very special whеn іt comes tο people providing thеіr housing needs.  It is imperative for the forked-tailed swallow’s survival.

If you love birds and love them in your garden, you will likely feel drawn to providing a home for the Purple Martin assuming you live in areas of North America where the Purple Martin breeds each year.    These birds spend hours in your garden and will glide high overhead as the capture the air borne insects they eat.

As the season comes to a close, you will have hours of enjoyment watching

Plans illustrative of the purple martin birdhouse which accommodates a colony of the birds for annual breeding purposes.

Plans For the Purple Martin Birdhouse

these birds while they train their young to fly and can bask in the knowledge that because of you they had a place to nest.  It is like being paid back with entertainment for your kindness in providing them a home.

Purple Martins breed in colonies so a single little birdhouse will not do.  Actually, the birdhouses they require are more like little motels in the sky, high atop a pole.  The house can be lowered down the special pole for cleaning each year.  There are many designs and birdhouse plans for Purple Martins  are available.  See the example provided.