The Mini Bible on Protecting Your Bird Feeders From Squirrels and Other Pests

It is a warm spring day and you’ve cleaned and filled all of the various bird feeders you’ve accumulated over recent years with the appropriate food.

Squirrel goes flying off the squirrel proof tube bird feeder by Droll Yankee

Away We Go!

You’ve got suet in your suet feeder, thistle or Nyjer seed in the tube feeder for the finches, birdseed is in the hopper feeders so all you need now are the birds.  Where in the world are they this year??

You know how important your bird feeders may be to certain species and you spend your hard earned money trying to do your part for them.  In return, you are just thankful for the pleasure they give you while you sit on your porch enjoying their company.

This year however, you have company you didn’t count on.  Squirrels have taken hold in your backyard trees and its possible other pests come through too.  Animals such as field mice (voles), possums, raccoons and foxes are common to the outdoors and can find your birds’ food too.

The same suet (beef fat), seeds, jellies, fruit, and bread crumbs that your birds like are also eaten by the aforementioned hungry pests.  Not only do these pests eat you and your birds’ feeders out of house and home, they actually scare off your birds.  The birds you are so fond of seeing each year like the bluebirds, wrens, finches, blue jays, woodpeckers, cardinals and orioles will simply move on before putting up with squirrels and other larger animals.

Unfortunately, some of these pests will raid the bird nests too which make them most unwanted, at least where your birds are.  That will pretty much end your bird watching, and when some of these pest are through with the bird food, they will attack your flowers and your food garden plants as well.

Thank goodness, there are several remedies to prevent these pest from taking over your back yard.  To begin, make sure all your various feeders are squirrel proof and that will likely stem  much of the problem.  However some of the larger predators could cause problems for your house pets if they aren’t completely run off from a food supply.

As you know when you have bird feeders there is always a mess under the feeders of missed or dropped food.  Without somehow making these left-overs unattractive to unwanted pests, you will still have food that could attract nuisance animals.  The remedy for this problem is buy some of the new “hot” bird seed and suet.  The birds seem to like it very much, but the hot pepper oil is totally unacceptable to the mammal intruders and should deter even the hungriest amongst them.


Squirrels Go Flying Off the Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder