Mark asks…

Does anyone know how to make a bird feeder out of a ceramic plate? ?

I’d like it to hang from a tree or maybe a shepard’s hook or maybe mounted on the top of a post.

Rose answers:

Get some thick yarn or thin rope and wrap/tie it around the plate so that you have a long piece(s) left on top to suspend it.
You can even use the long pieces on top to wrap a water dispenser for the little guys.
Make it a one-stop-shopping spot; like a bar and grill for the birds.
My mother hangs stuff like feeders and hanging plants this way.
Got them all around the yard..
You can even hang wind-chimes on the bottom so our feathered friends have music to go with their food and drink!
Spoil the little critters.
They’ll soon learn that your house is the place to go for full-service,
and they’ll bring their friends.
Pretty soon they won’t leave you alone!
Then you have to invest in a cat!
Just kidding.
Good luck.

Ken asks…

How do I make a humming bird feeder,is red the best color for the sweet water or are they colored blind?

How would i make my own humming bird feeder,and is red the best color sweet water to use or are humming birds colored blind? what is the best time of year to put them out?

Rose answers:

4 parts water to 1 part sugar and i boil the water first it helps dissolve the sugar don’t add red food color they don’t need it.  Here is a really neat homemade hummingbird feeder you might want to make.

Michael asks…

Does anybody know how to make homemade bird seed?

I ran out of birdseed in my bird feeder for the birds outside. But with price of gas, food, and bills I would like to make some homemade bird seed. It would make it cheaper, easy, and it would make it fun.

Rose answers:


This site has several recipes. I’ve used the recipe on the this specific page before and the birds loved it. It will still require a trip to the store though. I doubt very much you have any suet on hand:)

I’ve also taken pine cones and dipped them several times in melted suet and then sprinkle with millet. The look cute hanging up and the birds love them


Linda asks…

How do I build a bird feeder?

I really want to feed the birds that go near my three parakeets, but they scare my parakeets.  They always yell and chirp out loud.

Rose answers:

I’ve never seen this because I only am around the wild backyard birds, but I suspect the wild birds come near the cage because of food you probably have in your parakeets’ cage.  I would try, for simplicity’s sake just putting together a platform or tray bird feeder for your wild birds.

You can hang these from a tree branch or simply put one on the top of a pole and put bird food on it.  Oh, and I would place it a good distance from where you keep the domestic birds’ cage.  If you can keep your wild birds fed, I would think they’d be less likely to visit the cages as often.


Chris asks…

How do you build a shelf bird feeder that is only accessible to a chickadee?

On the shelf of the feeder there are bars, like jail house bars, that are wide enough for a chickadee to fit through, but not sparrows.

Rose answers:

3/4 or 1/2 inch chicken might work. If you fed pure black oil sunflower seed, it might result in less visits by sparrows.

Carol asks…

Best Bird Feeder To Build.?

Best Bird Feeder To Build. 10 POINTS?
I have gust recently taken in birds as a hobby
What is the best and nicest home made bird feeder to put in
my backyard.
My little brothers and sisters are always running around in my backyard so I would like one that you can preferably
mount or hange from a tree.
My backyard is relatively small but there are lots of tall trees in the backyard across from mine gust about a meter from my fence.
I would like to have lots of songbirds so that when you walk out you hear lots of singing
My mom is an artist and she also loves birds I would realy like to inspire here art.
please show me a web site pictures and instructions on how to build this bird feeder you recommend.
I live in Ontario
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose answers:

Also, to attract birds, make sure they can see the seeds very well at first. Sometimes, new feeders can scare birds so you want to advertise your new free birdy restaurant. 🙂 Once you get birds there and feeding every day, then you can get all fancy with a feeder that reflects who you are.

By the way, the other day another person wanted to know all about all kinds of bird feeder plans, and if any site has them, we do.  I put several links to various posts on the subject, so here is a link to my reply to him with all the links for you to use too.

Good luck!


Helen asks…

Can anyone tell me how to make a bird feeder out of a plastic pop bottle?

Rose answers:

Helen, here is a post on our site that outlines everything for you.  Click here   and you will land directly on that post.  As you will see, it is quite easy, and if you have some old wooden kitchen spoons you don’t need or use, those go through the middle of the bottle and become the perches for the bird.  In the first paragraph of this post you will find a link to another post which also has an easy to make pine cone feed too.

Hope you have fun with your project.  Your backyard birds will be happy, I’m sure….  Rose

Mary asks…

how to make a bird feeder?

I need a site to get free instructions to make a wooden bird feeder

Rose answers:

Here are a few more posts to check out – hope you enjoy your birdwatching!  Each of theses links takes you to a post on this site where you can see how to make any variety of bird feeders.  The best place I have found to get my plans has been Ted’s Woodworking.  His package has all sorts of plans, for all kinds of home projects, but there are over 100 for bird feeders and birdhouses alone.  Well worth your money and your time.  There are even toys for the kids or grandkids.

Here are your reference posts.  Some are obviously easier than others:

Hopper Bird Feeder

Suet and Hopper Bird Feeders

Tube Bird Feeder

Suet Bird Feeder

Tray or Platform Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

By the time you are done with those, I may have an opening for you so you can explain them to others! LOL

PS  At the bottom of this post, there should be another link to for you to look a book of plans for bird feeders, etc.  You really might want to go look at that too….   Rose

Susan asks…

How do I make a wild bird feeder for the birds?

My kids want to put up some feeders for the winter…… can we use slices of sawn up log, and what mixes do we put into it ??? thanks xx

Rose answers:

My mom wrote a guest post for me last winter….  her name is Rose too.  No, I’m not a Junior, I’m Rose the Third, LOL.

Anyway, its a great piece and in it are the directions for the best kind of feeders for birds in the winter.  In the winter, their little bodies work hard to keep them warm and it helps to give them a boost in their metabolism with suet (fat) or peanut butter (fat).  This is how to make a suet pine cone feeder, and if you don’t have any pine cones, any type of suet cake will do, either homemade or bought.

Have fun.  The kids will love this one…..  Rose