Using soda bottles to make a homemade feeder makes bird feeder plans unnecessary.

Soda bottle feeders make bird feeder plans unnecessary.

Building a Bird-Friendly Bird Feeder That Is Kid-Friendly Too

If you look through catalogs or online, you will see bird feeders and houses that are more like bird mansions and resorts.There are some incredible designs – but there is something special about making your own.  Maybe it’s the feeling of drawing backyard visitors into your yard on your own; maybe it’s saving a ton of money! Either way, try these soda bottle bird feeder plans.

You can buy plastic bird feeders, and you can even buy soda bottle style bird feeder kits. 

There is really no need to because these feeders are so simple – and so cheap.  Most households have a spare 1 or 2 liter soda bottle around somewhere.  You will need this and:

    Utility knife – Dowel, twig, or wooden spoon(s) – String or fishing line – Birdseed

Start by cutting a hole about 1/4 of the way up the bottle.  Make sure that it is just big enough for the slimmest part of the spoon or twig.  Make another hole directly opposite this that is about the size of a nickel.  Turn the bottle around and make aother hole about 1/2 way up the bottle.  Again, make another nickel-sized hole directly opposite.  Into these holes, insert your perches, which can be wooden spoons, dowels, or sturdy twigs.  Carefully pour in birdseed, using a funnel if you need to.

Use your utility knife or a drill to make a small hole in the top of the cap of the bottle. Insert a length of wire, string, or fishing line

Little boy certainly doesn't need bird feeder plans to finish his soda bottle bird feeder.

Youngster Puts Finishing Touches on His Feeder

through the hole and make a loop.  This will be the hanger for your bird feeder.  Hang your feeder off the ground, but make sure that it is accessible so you can refill it easily.

There are different methods for making a simple soda bottle bird feeder.  Try this one or look for soda bottle bird feeder plans online to make your own. Your kids – and the birds – will love it.