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Zenith Innovations Bird Feeder Stand

Bring the Birds to You Without a Backyard

Tonight on our Facebook page were two inquiries requesting ideas.  The first one was easy, but this one made me think what it must be like when you’ve left another home and moved into the confines of an apartment with no backyard.  So for Stacy and all our other readers who might be in a similar situation, here are a couple of ways to keep the birds you love in your life.

For this quick post, Stacy has a patio, is lucky enough to be on the ground floor with a bush nearby, and has a sliding glass door through which she is able to watch the finches play in the lone bush off her patio.  These suggestions are just thoughts to give you ideas on what is out there.

This one is a little expensive, but it is guaranteed for 5 years, is on sale now, is squirrel proof, and when you move you can easily take it with you.  This is the Zenith Innovation 001 Effortless Bird Feeder with Baffle and can be found on  Just click on the picture and off to Amazon you go to take a look at it.

Stacy is lucky enough to have access to the area just beyond her patio and may be able to get the step-on type of bird feeder pole which comes with places to hang from one to four different feeders.  Some of these step-on poles come with feeders, but most do not, in which case you must supply them and possibly hanging hooks too.

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Duncraft Cardinal Window Bird Feeder

One other idea I had was to place a window feeder which uses suction cups on the sliding glass doors.  The cardinals and jays in my backyard will come onto my back porch/patio and sit on my furniture and just stare at me while I sit in my kitchen.  If the your patio is otherwise quiet, its likely the birds will feed from such a feeder.  They are also quite inexpensive so little will be lost if that doesn’t work out.

Window bird feeders are really interesting, but there is one cautionary thought if you use them.  Remember, the birds can frequently not see the glass in the window or door.  The bird feeder will help, but if your windows are large or if you have sliding glasses doors, please use decals, curtains, or something on any large expanse of glass so the bird will see it before he flies into the glass and hurts or even kills himself.  See the post below on safety and window bird feeders.

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Birdscapes Clear Window Feeder

Be Sure Your Window Bird Feeder is Safe for the Birds to Visit

There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable with your morning coffee but a visit from one of your back yard friends to have breakfast with you.  Window bird feeders can make this possible virtually every day of the year.  While I’m talking about a window feeder in your kitchen dining area, the best window in your house may be elsewhere.  You choose the window best for you, and then be amazed at the close up views of your favorite birds.  With a window feeder, you can get so close that every single detail of your favorite birds will be visible.  You’ll see their colorings, their features, how they move, and eat in almost microscopic fashion.

In addition to the unbelievable close up views of your birds, there are some other benefits of most window bird feeders that many of us don’t realize.  For instance, unless there is a nearby tree branch or other object with some height by the window, you will have a squirrel free bird feeder without the aggravation of trying to outwit the wily squirrel.  On the other hand, if trees or other object are nearby, all anti-squirrel bets are off, and you may have to move the feeder to different window.

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Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel

All window feeders are neat from our human perspective, but it is important for us to remember these feeders which provide sustenance can be dangerous to the birds at the same time.  No, not the feeder itself, but the window to which it is attached.  Some have estimated upwards to a billion birds per year die from flying into windows, because they can’t see the glass.

Window bird feeders like the one above are safer for the birds than the ones located on the window sill.  The simple reason for this is not unlike the decals many of us place on our sliding glass doors to keep humans from crashing into the window.  The feeders attached to the middle of the window are much like our decals and make the birds realize something is there.

You can make window sill mounted feeders just as safe by adding a decal or blocking out the glass with shades or some other window covering from the inside or outside.  There are any number of decorative things you can do when necessary, just be sure you don’t block your own view of the feeder.

DIY Window Bird Feeder with Top, window sill mounted feeder, window bird feeder, homemade, woodworking project

DIY Window Bird Feeder with Top

Like your other feeders, window bird feeders should be cleaned daily to protect the birds which feed there from becoming sick.  We often forget birds transmit diseases to one another just like humans, and with these feeders, the birds walk around on top of the food they are eating and do leave a few droppings behind which are clearly not healthy.  Thankfully, most window feeders are very easy to clean.  Even the do-it-yourself window feeder project in this post is specifically designed to be easy to clean.  You can visit that post by clicking here.

Bird’s Eye View – The Window Bird Feeder


There is nothing quite like sitting just inside the window of an actively used window bird feeder.   I regret to say I’ve found only one set

Simple plans to build a window bird feeder with a removable shelter top

Window Bird Feeder with Removable Shelter Top

of these special bird feeder plans, but on a positive note, building this project appears quite simple and the plans are versatile.

Window bird feeders are no more than an exaggerated extension of your existing window sill or opening.  According to these plans all that is necessary is to attach a horizontal member the width of your window and just below your sill or opening.  The distance just below your window sill should be same as the thickness of the tray itself.  This will allow the tray piece to fit on top of the horizontal piece and be level with the sill or opening.

Cut your tray to extend outward ten or twelve inches and run the width of the window.  Place and attach L-brackets underneath the tray with the longer leg of the L-bracket under the tray. Attach the shorter leg of the L-shape to the horizontal member you affixed to the outside of the house just under the window opening.  The two L-brackets should be spaced to allow for the greatest support.  If your feeder tray is wider than an average window and is extraordinarily long, you will need

Pictured here is a lady with her window opened reaching through to clean out her Window Bird Feeder

Cleaning a Window Bird Feeder

more brackets to support the weight evenly.

As to the best wood to use, redwood cedar is best for durability, but most any wood will do except pressure treated wood.  Pressure treated wood has chemicals that can harm the birds.  You shouldn’t paint your tray either as the birds may pick up paint flecks as they eat which can also be harmful to them.