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Song Bird or Tube Feeder Plans

Popular Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

While there are many types of bird feeders, the three most common are the hopper feeder, the suet feeder, and the tube feeder.  Generally, all but the tube feeder lend themselves to a woodworking project using bird feeder plans.  However, here you will see an excerpt from some wooden tube feeder plans, and on this post you’ll see the really easy to make tube suet feeder from a small log.  The one you choose to build will be based upon the type of bird you wish to attract into your backyard.

Hopper feeders are among the most common and are named such because of the hopper in the middle which holds the birdseed.  Basically, your hopper feeder plans will call for a hinged roof on the top to make refilling the hopper easier and a narrow tray around the bottom which holds the seed which comes out of the bottom of the hopper and provides a place for the birds to stand while feeding.

A smaller bird like the finch is attracted to tube feeders which are filled with Nyjer or thistle seeds.  Tube feeder of this type can have a series of small feeding holes in the sides, or a fine screen allowing the bird to feed on the tiny seeds.  You can even fill 2 to 4 cotton socks with thistle seed and the birds can get the small seed through the cloth of the sock.   Tube feeders are usually  made plexi-glass plastic or metal, but you can make one from wood assuming you have quality bird feeder plans.

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DIY – Fill With Peanut Butter or Suet Plugs

In the middle of a cold winter, nothing is better for the birds than a suet feeder.  Suet is hard  beef fat is especially good for the birds when the food is scant and they need the warmth created after eating a hearty meal of the rich fat.

Suet feeders have a recessed area in the flooring of the feeder into which the suet is placed, then covered by wire.  The birds stand on the wire while eating and pecking at the suet below.  Eating suet is another way of attracting certain types of birds over others.  Some varieties simply do not eat the suet.   The hot summer months are not appropriate for using suet in the feeder as it is likely to become rancid in the heat.

If your backyard is large enough, you may want to have one of each of these types of feeders in order to enjoy bird watching several varieties of birds.  You will have feelings of great satisfaction if you’ve made them yourself from bird feeder plans. In addition, there is simply something relaxing about being outdoors and enjoying seeing a little bird eating from the bird feeder you made yourself. Who knows, you may even read a good book or manage a good nap while you are at it.

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