Betty asks…

How do you dry garden gourds to make birdhouses?

Rose answers:

Check the two links below for information on how to dry gourds. Hope this helps. Good luck & thanks for thinking about the birds!

Mary asks…

How do you dry gourds to make birdhouses?

Rose answers:

First dip them in a 1/10 bleach solution to kill mold and bacteria, then drop them inside a ruined panty hose leg and hang them from a clothesline in your attic, back porch, or top of your garage. They need to be in a dry and warm area. Don’t cut into them until they are so dry you can hear the seeds rattle inside-this will take up to about 6 months. Check on them and flip them around occasionally, and above all keep them dry.

Best wishes,

Lisa asks…

I’m 13 and artistic what should I make out of wood?

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Rose answers:

Hey 🙂

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