Ken asks…

How to make a birdhouse, for different species?

My dad made a birdhouse a long time ago, and the sparrows are taking over it. I wanted to know if there is a way to make a birdhouse for a certain species. How can I do this?

Rose answers:

For most small birds, a wicker container in the faint hint of a “house” will do. Do include a perch. Birds will love it. I think you could get wicker from most art supply stores.

For bigger birds, you may want to make an archetypical birdhouse (with a slanted roof and oval entrance. I still recommend the perch. Buy light wooden planks that you can get in most home improvement stores. My old pa is thinking of making a birdhouse too for our winged city guests.

I think it is the size of the birds that matter more than the species.

Good luck. Do include a picture if you make one.

Carol asks…

how much does an average birdhouse go for?

i gonna make birdhouses and wanted to know how much to sell em for i was thinkin like $15 20 bucks

Rose answers:

Yeah 20-30$

Robert asks…

how do i make a birdhouse out of cotton balls?

i need to learn how to make a bird house out of cotton balls in 48 hours!!!!!!

Rose answers:

Dip the cotton balls in Elmers glue, let it dry, then you have hard cotton balls to stack on top of each other and you can glue all of those together in the shape of a birdhouse and for what you need this for, it should be fine.


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