Betty asks…

Anybody know how to make birdhouse gourds produce better?

need fertilizer sugestions or how to polinate them to produce
can i polinate with small paint brush if so can i polinate from same plant or do i have to have two differant plants

Rose answers:

All plants need a balanced combination of food, water, and light. Assuming that you have been giving sufficient water and light, any general vegetable fertilizer applied monthly should suffice.

I know that like all cucurbits, they have male and female flowers. The female flower will have a tiny gourd behind the flower and the male flower will have a long slender stem behind the flower. They usually produce twice as many male flowers as female flowers. Once they start producing female flowers, all you need to do is pull off one opening male flower, tear the petals down to expose the anthers, and then push it into up to 5 female flowers to transfer the pollen. The more gourds you fertilize, the smaller the over all size will be. The plant can only produce a certain amount of food to support the developing seeds. Usually, when the plant reaches a certain amount, it will cease flowering to spend all its energy in developing the seeds.

Chris asks…

Making birdhouses out of gourds?

How big should you cut a hole into a gourd to keep out sparrows and let in smaller birds like wrens??

Rose answers:

House Wren 1.5 inches

Purple martin 2.5 inches, but starlings can also get in.

Joseph asks…

When do you pick bottle gourds, and how long do they need to dry out?

These are gourds that I want to make birdhouses with

Rose answers:

A few days, I guess


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