Sharon asks…

Building bird houses?

i am tring to build 100 bird houses for a few parks and i cant find plans to any online. i dislike google for stuff like this. can you give me a site or two?

Rose answers:

We have a few on our site, and another site which has some is
These two seem legitimate. Several others I found offering “free birdhouse designs” only provided links to other sites, that provided links to other sites, and so on…never did find the free designs they promised.

If you email me, and tell me what type birds you are trying to house (bluebirds, kestrels, wood ducks, etc.), I’ll see if I can’t find some better sites for you, or will then tell you if you’d be better off just getting a set of Ted’s Woodworking Plans which has over 100 bird feeder and birdhouse sets of plans.  There are a ton of other fun woodworking plans too.  Who knows, you may find some other projects for another good cause.

Michael asks…

Is it safe or not to paint or stain bird houses?

I was thinking of starting my own business of building bird houses and other different things out of wood. My mom & dad have already asked a bunch of there friends if they would like to buy some bird house off me and they have all said yes and have also asked some of there friends as well and they all said yes. So for I have 150 people that would like bird house. I have built 50 so far but have not sold them yet because I am unsure if it is safe to paint or stain the bird houses because I have no clue if it is safe for the birds or not. Does anyone know if it is safe to paint or even stan the bird houses or should I just leave them the way they are plan just sanded down smooth and built? If anyone knows please let me know so that I can finish up the other 100 bird houses and get them sent out so I can get paid.

Rose answers:

I would suggest use water base paint on outside of the birdhouse only. You are lucky guy got so many bird house to built and good luck to you.

Ken asks…

How to mix your own paint that is safe for animals?

I have plans to build some bird houses and would like to paint them. However, many of the websites on which I’ve found plans have advised that stains, varnishes and your average paints (such as enamel and acrylic) either act as a deterrent to the birds or they’re simply not safe for them.

Are there any paints that I can mix myself that the birds will either be attracted to or just won’t be bothered by?

Rose answers:

As long as you use solvent free paints, you will be totally fine 🙂


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