Attract the Species You Want by Choosing the Design  They Like

Bird watching enthusiasts are always looking for a low cost bird feeders or birdhouses that will attract various species and meet those birds’ needs for feeding and nesting.  Many are unaware of the savings of making it

Hopper style bird feeder with a plexi-glass hopper to see the feed level and a hinged roof for easy refill of the hopper.

Hopper Bird Feeder

themselves out of scraps in their garage or workshop.  If you are hesitant to build your own bird house or bird feeder, you may want to get some free bird feeder plans to see firsthand the step-by-step construction process.  This should make you more than comfortably confident to pursue the project yourself.

Before you choose a design, ask yourself, what species of birds do I want to attract to my backyard?  Bird feeders and birdhouses are very specific as to the species of bird that will feed from or use them to nest.   In general, feeder should have a covering or roof to protect the bird seed as well as some form of landing or perching place for the bird to use while feeding.

The size of the feeder you chose will determine the size of the species of bird you attract, and so it goes the type feed your feeder will dispense will also attract only certain species.  Normally, the bird feeder plans will tell you what species of birds will be attracted, however there is a chart available here on this site that will assist you if not.

In addition to information as to the species of birds that are likely to be attracted to your finished feeder, you should receive a list of all the tools and  supplies you will need to build the feeder.   Once you have gathered all tools and materials, simply follow carefully the step-by-step instructions and before you know it, you’ll be attracting birds to your backyard.

Bird Feeder Plans and Birdhouse Plans to Build

65 Birdhouses and Bird FeedersA collection of 65 birdhouse and bird feeder designs. The 65 designs are profusely illustrated with detailed dimensioned drawings of each part and an assembled isometric drawing to show the finished project. Any woodworker with minimal skills will be able to build these designs.

Price: $9.95

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Free Bird Feeder Plans

Blue Bird Feeder Plans Fig. 17

Bluebirds and wrens, as well as swallows, nest in this style of house though they prefer a deeper cavity. Another pole house is shown in figure 17.

This is essentially designed like the woodpecker model and is suitable for bluebirds. By releasing the hooks which fasten the box to the base, cleaning is easy.

While these two figures, 17 & 18, may get some folks through to the finished product, if you are uncomfortable with these drawings, please do take a look at these bird feeder plans and birdhouse plans.  There are thousands of complete and easy-to-follow plans  and the best part is they cost less than a penny apiece.

Update:  Make Following Free Bird Feeder Plans Really Easy

Hi Everyone…  Rose here and I just want to share with everyone how much easier it is to follow these free or inexpensive bird feeder plans and turn them into a bird feeder when you have something I stumbled across today.  As we all know, not all sets of bird feeder plans, or any other home woodworking sets of plans give the best directions and certainly no tips on how to make your project turned out as well as it could.

Well, now it is easier with this new set of 10 ebook guides entitled, “How To Build Anything With Three Tools“.   Each book is well illustrated and to the point (they sell separately for $4.95 each) and cover the three tools, and how to use those to build guides for sawing that allow you to cut with precision.  There is a separate book on which types of woods are best for each type project, etc.  What welcome information they are when the set of plans is merely sketches on one sheet of paper without any explanation on how to cut or how to best proceed with the steps necessary to finish the project.

Bird Feeder Plans for a Blue Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder Plans Fig. 18

These plans are for a birdhouse for smaller birds such as the wren, swallow and blue bird.  If you have the space available in your yard, you might consider installing multiple birdhouses and bird feeders.

Since different varieties of bird are attracted specifically to certain designs,  and should you decide to purchase  these quality bird feeder plans, you will receive almost 100 from which to choose.  In addition, you’ll have thousands of other projects for which you will have plans as well.  Like good tools, quality plans are the best choice for a fine finished product.

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