Birdhouse  Plans for Your Neighborhood Bluebirds


Marshall Brain is the real brain behind the incredible information resource
known as, a great “How To” website.  In addition to being

A pair of Western Bluebirds, the male with his brilliant blue feathers and his mate with more subdued hints of blue interwoven throughout her feathers

Pair of Western Bluebirds

a former president of a multimillion dollar software company, Marshall is a renowned author and award-winning professor.

In “The Teenager’s Guide to the Real World” and his other books, Marshall demonstrates the rare skill of being able to communicate complex ideas in clear, easy to understand language. Who better to tackle a set of bird house plans and break it down for us?

If you are looking for a great project for a child, then building a bluebird house is your answer.  Bluebirds can be lured into your backyard with appetizing mealy worms, fruit, and suet.  Use bird feeder plans and save some money by building your own bluebird feeder and bluebird house.  A suet bird feeder which has a tray is the perfect way to entice these beautiful birds, and remember to put out fruit scraps when you have them.

What size should your bluebirds’ birdhouse be?  That depends, of course, on
the size of your birds.  Eastern, Western, and Mountain bluebirds all need a
house with a floor measuring 5×5 inches, a height of 6 to 12 inches, a hole 4-10 inches above the floor, and from 4 to 10 feet above the ground.  The hole diameter for Eastern and Western bluebirds should be 1 1/2 inches, while the Mountain Bluebird needs about 1 9/16.

If you are working with children, the careful measurements and cutting

A pair of Eastern Bluebirds on a tree branch, he with his burnt orange chest and his royal blue feathers, and her with her orange chest and more muted blue feathers

Pair of Eastern Bluebirds

process can take too long, especially if you are meeting with a group of school kids, Boy or Girl Scouts, or other meeting-based groups.  This is why Marshall assembled a bluebird house kit and plans.  This turns the construction of a birdhouse into an afternoon project – and one kids can be proud of.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post which will tell you what you need to assemble your own bluebird bird house and where to get a set of bird feeder plans and birdhouse plans for the bluebird.

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Sure, Unless You Want the Same Bird Feeder Plans You Saw In a Picture

The story of my life, you see something you like and you go looking for it and you just can’t find it.  Regardless, I did find this little set of free suet bird feeder plans for an upside suet feeder.  It’s a bit late in the season to go on and on about suet feeders, but I just love them and the colorful birds they attract.  If you live in the northern states and put your suet feeder into a shady area of  the yard this summer, it will probably do just fine.  If you live in Florida like I do, you’ll do best if you make a dense suet cake, keep it in the shade as much as possible, and check it periodically to make sure it hasn’t gotten rancid.

suet bird feeder plans, suet, bird, feeder, plans, winter, bird food

Pesky Squirrel Trying to Raid a Basic Suet Feeder

Suet feeders are a Godsend to the birds struggling to find food in the winter time up north.  Not only does the fat keep the metabolism high in the birds keeping them warm, but it is very nourishing to them as well.  Suet is solid white beef fat and you can probably get some from your butcher for little or no cost.  I’ll be covering exactly how to make a suet cake in a later article, so for now just know that you can make very inexpensive suet cakes for your backyard birds.

The birds that eat suet generally eat insects or worms so the animal fat, suet, attracts them to the feeder.  The colorful birds like the cardinal, the blue jay, blue birds, the woodpecker and others like the suet.  The pesky little starlings do too, but they don’t like to hang upside down to eat, hence the need for the upside down suet bird feeder. The cage itself dissuades the starling as well.

suet, bird, feeder, plans, suet cake, bluebirds

Bluebirds at a Basic Caged Suet Feeder

The suet bird feeders are almost always a form of cage into which the suet is placed.  This type feeder is certainly easier and less expensive to buy than getting suet bird feeder plans and starting from scratch.  It is this cage that seems to be the only way to keep the squirrels away.  The squirrel has a very difficult time raiding the upside down suet feeders too.  The picture of the squirrel on the basic suet feeder cracked me up, so I had to share it with you.

Suet cakes with peanuts or peanut butter work really well to attract the colorful birds as do suet cakes with bird seed within, or just mix it all up because they seem to love it.  The birds which like the suet also enjoy black oil sunflower seeds too, and there is an excellent set of suet bird feeder plans which is a combination feeder with a tray feeder for the seed.  There are so many more kinds of suet bird feeders plans available, let’s just agree to meet again soon so I can share with you the upside down suet feeder as well as the window suet bird feeder.


Free Bird Feeder Plans

Blue Bird Feeder Plans Fig. 17

Bluebirds and wrens, as well as swallows, nest in this style of house though they prefer a deeper cavity. Another pole house is shown in figure 17.

This is essentially designed like the woodpecker model and is suitable for bluebirds. By releasing the hooks which fasten the box to the base, cleaning is easy.

While these two figures, 17 & 18, may get some folks through to the finished product, if you are uncomfortable with these drawings, please do take a look at these bird feeder plans and birdhouse plans.  There are thousands of complete and easy-to-follow plans  and the best part is they cost less than a penny apiece.

Update:  Make Following Free Bird Feeder Plans Really Easy

Hi Everyone…  Rose here and I just want to share with everyone how much easier it is to follow these free or inexpensive bird feeder plans and turn them into a bird feeder when you have something I stumbled across today.  As we all know, not all sets of bird feeder plans, or any other home woodworking sets of plans give the best directions and certainly no tips on how to make your project turned out as well as it could.

Well, now it is easier with this new set of 10 ebook guides entitled, “How To Build Anything With Three Tools“.   Each book is well illustrated and to the point (they sell separately for $4.95 each) and cover the three tools, and how to use those to build guides for sawing that allow you to cut with precision.  There is a separate book on which types of woods are best for each type project, etc.  What welcome information they are when the set of plans is merely sketches on one sheet of paper without any explanation on how to cut or how to best proceed with the steps necessary to finish the project.

Bird Feeder Plans for a Blue Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder Plans Fig. 18

These plans are for a birdhouse for smaller birds such as the wren, swallow and blue bird.  If you have the space available in your yard, you might consider installing multiple birdhouses and bird feeders.

Since different varieties of bird are attracted specifically to certain designs,  and should you decide to purchase  these quality bird feeder plans, you will receive almost 100 from which to choose.  In addition, you’ll have thousands of other projects for which you will have plans as well.  Like good tools, quality plans are the best choice for a fine finished product.

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