Draw Beautiful Birds with Tube Bird Feeders

Sometimes, timid songbirds avoid bird feeders at which more aggressive birds – like the mockingbird or even hummingbird – dine.  This is true,

Excerpt from a set of tube bird feeder plans for a hanging, rectangular, wooden tube bird feeder with 3 perches each on two sides to accommodate several birds at one time

Tube Bird Feeder Plans

especially, of smaller birds like the golden finch.  Whether you are trying to attract these birds to your yard or to feed them in a separate location from your resident mockingbird or other territorial winged friend, tube bird feeders may be the answer.

Tube bird feeder plans are designed to accommodate multiple birds at different perches, while the tube style design keeps the seeds from being exposed to the elements.  As you would expect, these feeders are tube-shaped or cylindrical and feature multiple small perches or holes for feeding.  Depending on the type of bird you want to attract, you can opt to add perches.  Birds like finches, woodpeckers, and chickadees do not need them.

You can modify or adapt your bird feeder plans to attract the type of bird or birds you want.  In addition to adding or removing perches, you can also customize the tube feeder for a specific type of seed.  You can, for instance, work on drawing finches by choosing a design that accommodates only black oil sunflower seeds or thistles.  If you are less discriminating, you can find or

Wooden, rectangular tube feeder made from bird feeder plans which has three perches on each of two sides so as to allow several birds to feed at the same time.

Wooden Tube Bird Feeder Project

make bird feeders that have different tubes, allowing you to offer different types of seed.  If you want to discourage large birds from feeding, small perches can be effective.

While tube bird feeders do have a characteristic shape and are hung from a tree or attached to a pole, there are any number of modifications you can make to your bird feeder plans so you draw the backyard visitors you want.

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Sure, Unless You Want the Same Bird Feeder Plans You Saw In a Picture

The story of my life, you see something you like and you go looking for it and you just can’t find it.  Regardless, I did find this little set of free suet bird feeder plans for an upside suet feeder.  It’s a bit late in the season to go on and on about suet feeders, but I just love them and the colorful birds they attract.  If you live in the northern states and put your suet feeder into a shady area of  the yard this summer, it will probably do just fine.  If you live in Florida like I do, you’ll do best if you make a dense suet cake, keep it in the shade as much as possible, and check it periodically to make sure it hasn’t gotten rancid.

suet bird feeder plans, suet, bird, feeder, plans, winter, bird food

Pesky Squirrel Trying to Raid a Basic Suet Feeder

Suet feeders are a Godsend to the birds struggling to find food in the winter time up north.  Not only does the fat keep the metabolism high in the birds keeping them warm, but it is very nourishing to them as well.  Suet is solid white beef fat and you can probably get some from your butcher for little or no cost.  I’ll be covering exactly how to make a suet cake in a later article, so for now just know that you can make very inexpensive suet cakes for your backyard birds.

The birds that eat suet generally eat insects or worms so the animal fat, suet, attracts them to the feeder.  The colorful birds like the cardinal, the blue jay, blue birds, the woodpecker and others like the suet.  The pesky little starlings do too, but they don’t like to hang upside down to eat, hence the need for the upside down suet bird feeder. The cage itself dissuades the starling as well.

suet, bird, feeder, plans, suet cake, bluebirds

Bluebirds at a Basic Caged Suet Feeder

The suet bird feeders are almost always a form of cage into which the suet is placed.  This type feeder is certainly easier and less expensive to buy than getting suet bird feeder plans and starting from scratch.  It is this cage that seems to be the only way to keep the squirrels away.  The squirrel has a very difficult time raiding the upside down suet feeders too.  The picture of the squirrel on the basic suet feeder cracked me up, so I had to share it with you.

Suet cakes with peanuts or peanut butter work really well to attract the colorful birds as do suet cakes with bird seed within, or just mix it all up because they seem to love it.  The birds which like the suet also enjoy black oil sunflower seeds too, and there is an excellent set of suet bird feeder plans which is a combination feeder with a tray feeder for the seed.  There are so many more kinds of suet bird feeders plans available, let’s just agree to meet again soon so I can share with you the upside down suet feeder as well as the window suet bird feeder.