Inviting Color into Your Backyard:  Feed the Orioles!


Orioles are a welcome splash of color in the spring. The bright orange

Natural Bird Feeder Plans, a tree branch

Natural Bird Feeder Plans, the Tree Branch

body against the bold black head is a sight for sore eyes after a winter of monotony, and bird lovers prize the orioles’ rich song and chirpy language.  What type of bird feeder plans help encourage these birds to end their migratory trek into your backyard?

Since these birds love fruit and berries in the summertime, Orioles will be happy almost whatever you use to feed them, including in the trees or shrubs in your yard.  Some bird feeder plans you might want to consider are the platform or tray bird feeders, or even larger hopper and suet feeders which have a nice wide ledge upon which to place the fruit and berries.  What’s even better is if you have tall trees and lots of bushes with berries on them naturally growing in your own backyard!

Luckily, orioles can make themselves at home in parks and suburban areas, and they can easily be enticed into your backyard.  They prefer wide open spaces and tall trees.  Unlike some other birds, orioles tend to be solitary and timid.  They like the protection of trees and dense shrubs, so if you have these in your yard, you’re halfway there.  They do not typically use birdhouses, but instead make their nests in elm, poplar, willow, and oak trees.

Also, put out a shallow bird bath.  Orioles prefer wide, shallow baths, and if you can find or make one with a dripper, it helps attract orioles and other species.  Many people decorate their birdbaths in orange (whether flowers, ribbon, or a terracotta planter) to further entice these shy birds.

Once shelter is established for the oriole, consider its food.  Again, we’re lucky because orioles aren’t picky eaters so bird feeder plans are easy.  They

Simple bird feeder plans were used to make this covered tray feeder for the orioles.

Orioles Dining in the Rain

like nectar; you can feed them orange halves, grape jelly, and specialized nectar mixtures.  Their diet consists of primarily fleshy fruits and berries during the summer, though they do eat insects at other times of the year.  Chances are you already have enough of those in your backyard.

Keep the feeders clean and in the open to make the orioles comfortable and confident in returning.  Visit this post to learn more about how birds can become ill from dirty bird feeders.

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