The Best Bird Feeder Plans for Robins


Bird feeder plans aren't always necessary for the Robin as she feeds worms to her young.

Robin Feeding Worms to Her Young

Why do we love robin red breasts so much? As kids, these are often thefirst birds that we learn to identify and can recognize on our own.  As adults, these are often the first harbingers of spring after a long winter.  No matter why you love the robin, you can find the right bird feeder plans to help you invite this great bird into your yard.

Many birds, like sparrows and finches, love to dine on seeds, which are packed with fats and proteins.  The robin, on the other hand, has eating habits more similar to an oriole.  They pick at the ground, foraging for earthworms, and they eat backyard pests like termites, grasshoppers, beetle grubs, and caterpillars that can hurt your garden, trees, and shrubs.  Instead of using bird feeder plans that call for seed, you need to do things like provide a pile of brush or leaves, which will attract worms and other goodies.

In the summer, though, robins turn to fruitier flavors.  More than 60 percent of their food consumption consists of fleshy berries and fruits, including

Sometimes the best bird feeder plans for robins are a backyard full of worms and a house full of bird loving occupants.

Robins Will Eat From Your Hand

grapes, apples, currants, bayberry, elderberry, crabapples, and hollies.  You can plant a berry bush and encourage the birds to come back year after year or you can provide these fruit or fruit scraps on a tray or platform-style bird feeder.  If you really want to make their day, add some suet for fat and a source of water for bathing.

Another reason why we love robins is that they do not mind nesting near humans.  They are not afraid of us and so make wonderful backyard companions.  And if they eat some of your garden-destroying grubs, even better!


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