Attract the Species You Want by Choosing the Design  They Like

Bird watching enthusiasts are always looking for a low cost bird feeders or birdhouses that will attract various species and meet those birds’ needs for feeding and nesting.  Many are unaware of the savings of making it

Hopper style bird feeder with a plexi-glass hopper to see the feed level and a hinged roof for easy refill of the hopper.

Hopper Bird Feeder

themselves out of scraps in their garage or workshop.  If you are hesitant to build your own bird house or bird feeder, you may want to get some free bird feeder plans to see firsthand the step-by-step construction process.  This should make you more than comfortably confident to pursue the project yourself.

Before you choose a design, ask yourself, what species of birds do I want to attract to my backyard?  Bird feeders and birdhouses are very specific as to the species of bird that will feed from or use them to nest.   In general, feeder should have a covering or roof to protect the bird seed as well as some form of landing or perching place for the bird to use while feeding.

The size of the feeder you chose will determine the size of the species of bird you attract, and so it goes the type feed your feeder will dispense will also attract only certain species.  Normally, the bird feeder plans will tell you what species of birds will be attracted, however there is a chart available here on this site that will assist you if not.

In addition to information as to the species of birds that are likely to be attracted to your finished feeder, you should receive a list of all the tools and  supplies you will need to build the feeder.   Once you have gathered all tools and materials, simply follow carefully the step-by-step instructions and before you know it, you’ll be attracting birds to your backyard.

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