Build the Bird Feeders that Make Birds Sing


Having backyard birds is a great source of enjoyment and entertainment – but how do you attract them to your yard?  A larger, platform or tray style

Plan excerpt illustrating how ease a platform or tray bird feeder is to build, and is the type of feeder that attract the most interest from the birds..

Hang from a Tree or Attach to a Pole

feeder can be the best way to attract the most birds.  See how easy the bird feeder plans really are for a platform or tray bird feeder.   These are easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

Timid birds will often stay away from bird feeders that are covered with a roof of some sort; a platform  or tray style feeder leaves all, or most, of the food surface open, and this lets birds know that they can find a snack here.  After you have succeeded in drawing birds to your feeder, you can construct a little shelter, or lean-to, to keep some of the food protected from the elements.

It can be hard to find this style of bird feeder in stores, but don’t worry.  All you need is a simple set of bird feeder plans and a few pieces of wood and they are easy to make.  Start with four pieces of 1 x 1/2 inch wood, and nail these together in a square.  Aim for sides that measure 2 by 3 feet, so about a dozen birds can feed without conflict.  Put braces in from corner to corner to support the structure.  After this, find a piece of window or fly screen and nail it to the frame.  This serves as a very simple, lightweight, floor that has an effective drainage system.  You can attach a piece of wood beneath the center of this structure, which will allow you to nail the platform feeder to a post.

This is perhaps the simplest bird feeder you could make, but it is one of the most effective in attracting a variety, and quantity, of birds to your backyard.

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