Everything Seems to Be Unique Including Bird Feeders

Like so many other items today, bird feeders have become more decorative and ornate.   If you’re a regular reader, you know I feel like most architects…  “it costs just as much to build ugly, as it does to build pretty.”  I say too, since it doesn’t really cost anymore to build a

Lovely small, but decorative bird feeder which looks like a gazebo for smaller birds

Beautiful Decorative Bird Feeder

decorative bird feeder when you build it yourself and  use bird feeder plans, why not have a pretty bird feeder if you want one?  It will be in your backyard, and it will be an extension of your home and as such will be a reflection of your taste.

In yesteryear, if you did want something different, you always had to build it yourself.  Now however, your choices seem unlimited in the garden shops and online.  Granted, it may cost a bit more to buy a decorative bird feeder already built, but it’s your money and your home to do with as you see fit.

Adorning your backyard with a decorative and unique bird feeder will add value to the property which is certainly reason enough to choose the bird feeder or feeders that will complement your home and your garden area.

We wholeheartedly say “go for it” and if you can’t find what you are looking for in the store or online we also would like to share the websites of two men who design plans for just about anything wood around the house.  Most importantly they have almost 100 bird feeder plans and birdhouse plans from which you can choose.  On top of that, as a bonus their package contains literally thousands of household woodworking projects that you will likely enjoy.

If you are serious about building a decorative bird feeder on your own, you definitely owe it to yourself to learn more from these two superb draftsmen and woodworkers by clicking on the links above.

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