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Bluebirds Love Upside Down Suet Feeder Plans

House and Feeder Plans for the Birds of Blue

When bluebirds realize food is available, they will be there regularly. This is often true during bad weather. Known to prefer pleasant climates, they search for food in any condition and keep coming back when you have an appropriate supply.

Always keep snacks available in your home to put out at the right time. Suet Bird Feeder Plans lead to a great bluebird feeder with suet, one of their favorites. They are easy to please however, so just have a supply of berries, chopped peanuts, bread or cut up soft baked goods on hand when cold or bad weather is approaching. Put out some food early in the morning and wait for them to drop by. Don’t be surprised when you see bluebirds waiting for food before you supply your feeder. They get to know their feeding area and will wait patiently as if standing in line for their turn at a serving.

The good thing is that they are always well behaved. Just because they are aware the food will be there, they won’t be overly anxious. They don’t even interfere with other birds that want their turn at the feeding table. Instead of fighting over the available treats, bluebirds will fly off if another bird tries to fight. They will sit nearby patiently and take their share when the time comes.

If they get to know you, you could even have them eating out of your hand! Use the slow approach at first, however. Place food in open trays or feeders so they notice snacks are present. You can provide a roof covering later to protect the supply from weather elements. By this time, bluebirds know where to find the food. They usually remain tame and will get closer to you as you fill the feeder for mealtime. Stay quiet, clam and slow, though, if you want them to keep close by and remain on friendly terms.

Two little bluebirds at suet bird feeder enjoying the suet cake contained within

Bluebirds at a Basic Caged Suet Feeder

Bluebirds are also fun to watch when it comes to natural foods. They often eat insects and their perched posture usually means they are looking for their prey. Once spotting a bug on the ground, bluebirds will swoop down to catch their dinner before heading back to their original spot and enjoying the catch.

Solid food alone doesn’t satisfy your feathered friends. Always keep a good supply of water available for their drinking or bathing pleasure. The water also keeps them coming back for food and liquid delights.

Bluebirds are also easy to attract to your birdhouses. They love nesting in houses or in the natural holes of a nearby tree. Put up several bluebird boxes or houses because they often deal with competition from other birds seeking shelter. Bluebirds love warm, sheltered areas, which is why natural cavities make good homes. But boxes in your yard will help out.

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