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Bluebirds’ Favorite Home at the Edge of the Forest

Bluebirds Love the Meadow’s Edge — Where the Forest Begins

It’s not just the menu that attracts bluebirds to your bird feeder. You have to live in or choose the right place. Bluebirds love country habitats and rarely can be seen in urban or highly populated, heavily-paved areas with overcrowding and constant development. They prefer open spaces, so if you live near nature, you’re in luck. Farming and suburban communities are ideal, especially if they are near the woods or close to parks.

If you don’t think you have an ideal property at your home for bluebirds, don’t worry. There may be plenty of places near your home to set up a bird feeder if you can. You could put something up near the edge of nearby woods. Park areas may allow a bird feeder or look for a quiet location along rivers, lakes or streams.

Golf courses attract bluebirds because of the wide-open spaces. There are plenty of trees and bushes nearby. Check with the owners. Feeders don’t have to be near play. Many golf courses are huge with extended properties and plenty of natural growth along the perimeter. Just be careful if you hear someone yell, “Fore!” The same possibilities exist with other sporting areas. Playing fields for baseball, football, soccer or other recreational locations might have natural surrounding spots for bird feeders. Kids will even like the idea of having unique birds come by.

These ideas are only necessary if you happen to live in the city or areas heavily concreted and want to enjoy feeding birds, especially bluebirds. But you can always give feeders a try no matter where you live. Bluebirds might still be attracted to a specific feeding station in bad weather or uncomfortable habitats. If they happen to come upon food placed on your tray, they will keep coming back. In fact, they won’t have a need to fly somewhere warmer when they know where to get a supply of bird feed.

Using the type of Bird Feeder Plans and Birdhouse Plans Which Build the Best  Environment for Bluebirds

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Bluebird House Where the Bushes Begin — Perfect

Place your feeders in a wide open space on your property as well. This gives the birds a better chance of noticing your feeding station. Some bluebirds, especially the western bluebird, enjoy nesting in holes or cavities. You could add some food to holes in trees to attract bluebirds.

Just think nature and open space when you want to attract bluebirds. A nice wide property with some trees, plants or bushes will bring the birds to your yard or nearby area. Bluebirds want their space, especially if there’s food available. Keep a supply of berries, fruits, breads or other soft foods available in case you notice bluebirds hovering above and place them in feeders, trays or holes in trees. The birds will keep coming back.

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