Helen asks…

Can anyone tell me how to make a bird feeder out of a plastic pop bottle?

Rose answers:

Helen, here is a post on our site that outlines everything for you.  Click here   and you will land directly on that post.  As you will see, it is quite easy, and if you have some old wooden kitchen spoons you don’t need or use, those go through the middle of the bottle and become the perches for the bird.  In the first paragraph of this post you will find a link to another post which also has an easy to make pine cone feed too.

Hope you have fun with your project.  Your backyard birds will be happy, I’m sure….  Rose

Mary asks…

how to make a bird feeder?

I need a site to get free instructions to make a wooden bird feeder

Rose answers:

Here are a few more posts to check out – hope you enjoy your birdwatching!  Each of theses links takes you to a post on this site where you can see how to make any variety of bird feeders.  The best place I have found to get my plans has been Ted’s Woodworking.  His package has all sorts of plans, for all kinds of home projects, but there are over 100 for bird feeders and birdhouses alone.  Well worth your money and your time.  There are even toys for the kids or grandkids.

Here are your reference posts.  Some are obviously easier than others:

Hopper Bird Feeder

Suet and Hopper Bird Feeders

Tube Bird Feeder

Suet Bird Feeder

Tray or Platform Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

By the time you are done with those, I may have an opening for you so you can explain them to others! LOL

PS  At the bottom of this post, there should be another link to amazon.com for you to look a book of plans for bird feeders, etc.  You really might want to go look at that too….   Rose

Susan asks…

How do I make a wild bird feeder for the birds?

My kids want to put up some feeders for the winter…… can we use slices of sawn up log, and what mixes do we put into it ??? thanks xx

Rose answers:

My mom wrote a guest post for me last winter….  her name is Rose too.  No, I’m not a Junior, I’m Rose the Third, LOL.

Anyway, its a great piece and in it are the directions for the best kind of feeders for birds in the winter.  In the winter, their little bodies work hard to keep them warm and it helps to give them a boost in their metabolism with suet (fat) or peanut butter (fat).  This is how to make a suet pine cone feeder, and if you don’t have any pine cones, any type of suet cake will do, either homemade or bought.

Have fun.  The kids will love this one…..  Rose


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