Mark asks…

Does anyone know how to make a bird feeder out of a ceramic plate? ?

I’d like it to hang from a tree or maybe a shepard’s hook or maybe mounted on the top of a post.

Rose answers:

Get some thick yarn or thin rope and wrap/tie it around the plate so that you have a long piece(s) left on top to suspend it.
You can even use the long pieces on top to wrap a water dispenser for the little guys.
Make it a one-stop-shopping spot; like a bar and grill for the birds.
My mother hangs stuff like feeders and hanging plants this way.
Got them all around the yard..
You can even hang wind-chimes on the bottom so our feathered friends have music to go with their food and drink!
Spoil the little critters.
They’ll soon learn that your house is the place to go for full-service,
and they’ll bring their friends.
Pretty soon they won’t leave you alone!
Then you have to invest in a cat!
Just kidding.
Good luck.

Ken asks…

How do I make a humming bird feeder,is red the best color for the sweet water or are they colored blind?

How would i make my own humming bird feeder,and is red the best color sweet water to use or are humming birds colored blind? what is the best time of year to put them out?

Rose answers:

4 parts water to 1 part sugar and i boil the water first it helps dissolve the sugar don’t add red food color they don’t need it.  Here is a really neat homemade hummingbird feeder you might want to make.

Michael asks…

Does anybody know how to make homemade bird seed?

I ran out of birdseed in my bird feeder for the birds outside. But with price of gas, food, and bills I would like to make some homemade bird seed. It would make it cheaper, easy, and it would make it fun.

Rose answers:


This site has several recipes. I’ve used the recipe on the this specific page before and the birds loved it. It will still require a trip to the store though. I doubt very much you have any suet on hand:)

I’ve also taken pine cones and dipped them several times in melted suet and then sprinkle with millet. The look cute hanging up and the birds love them


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