Robert asks…

How can I make a bird feeder?

I want to make a bird feeder for seeds to attract wild birds

Rose answers:

Google it…  just kidding.  There are a large number of plans available online, some free and some through various vendors.  We have a sponsor, Ted’s Plans, who has over 15,000 sets of plans with over a hundred for bird feeders and birdhouses.  See upper right-hand sidebar for a link to his site to see what a nice package of plans he sells.

Good Luck, and have fun.  It is a very rewarding feeling to complete, then to be able to use one of your woodworking projects.

Sandra asks…

How would you make a bird ball feeder with suet/beef fat/ pork fat?

I read somewhere that people would make some sort of bird feeder ball with seeds/fat. Then hang them on their tree/xmas tree for the birds. One way to decorate xmas tree.

Rose answers:

While you can use animal fat, your may find it easier, less messy, and prettier to take a paper cup or whatever shape u plan on using and coat it in layers of honey letting each layer dry, of course.  Then after u have coats of honey going layer it with birdseed or whatever kinds of bird food u are using. Now u want to keep a spray bottle by u filled with Hot water, butter, and honey… After u have the seeds on it spray it then keep adding seeds soon u will have this big ball of seeds and if u use a cup then the out side will be nice and coated while the inside nice and clean… Lay it on a cookie sheet and bak it on 250 to 300 degrees for and 15 mins but keep an eye on it when its done let it cool then tie a bow threw the center of the cup and it will look very pretty and be so tasty to any bird eating it:)… U can also us peanut butter and u can also use foil instead of the paper cup this way u can shape the foil to any shape u want such as a star or heart or Christmas tree for that matter 🙂  Have fun and good luck its a messy but fun project!

John asks…

Who knows how to make a bird feeder?

Ok i have 1kg of wild bird seed and 545 grams of dripping… its winter were i am but I still would prefer one those won’t melt easily… please and thank you .

Rose answers:

If you want an easy one, you can cut a hole in a large pop bottle.  See our instructions and materials for a homemade feeder made from a soda bottle.


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