Paul asks…

How can I find purple martin birdhouse plans free?

I wish to build bird house

Rose answers:


James asks…

I need a site with birdhouse building plans that’s free?

i’ve tried the search engines but all i get is links that are crap
and as far as using the links a yahoo search brought up i tried and all i got was those run around sites that give you a place to click and all you get is a useless popup 99% of the ones it brought up were like that

Rose answers:

Here is one that I have used in the past:

Click on the “Print Birdhouse Woodworking Plans” link for free detailed plans for birdhouses according to the species you wish to attract.

I’m perplexed as to why you don’t like the results of your searches. I have searched for birdhouse plans in the past and found lots of good results. A Yahoo! Web search for “birdhouse plans” (include the quotation marks in the Yahoo! Search box) yields over 25,000 results. I found plenty of good plans while checking out just the first three pages of results.

In any event, good luck with your birdhouse building projects.

Mandy asks…

Want to build a different kind of birdhouse!?

Where can i find free plans to build a nice looking birdhouse besides the regular square ones ? with like two or 3 rooms , or a fancy one.

Rose answers:

Well My dad and i build log cabin birdhouses now , we discovered a nice way to make them cozier , and once we built a bird hotel ha. It was big and we just sectioned it of to four “rooms” and put a door into each one and covered the ceiling with rock. It looks like a real hotel . Lucky birds


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