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Zenith Innovations Bird Feeder Stand

Bring the Birds to You Without a Backyard

Tonight on our Facebook page were two inquiries requesting ideas.  The first one was easy, but this one made me think what it must be like when you’ve left another home and moved into the confines of an apartment with no backyard.  So for Stacy and all our other readers who might be in a similar situation, here are a couple of ways to keep the birds you love in your life.

For this quick post, Stacy has a patio, is lucky enough to be on the ground floor with a bush nearby, and has a sliding glass door through which she is able to watch the finches play in the lone bush off her patio.  These suggestions are just thoughts to give you ideas on what is out there.

This one is a little expensive, but it is guaranteed for 5 years, is on sale now, is squirrel proof, and when you move you can easily take it with you.  This is the Zenith Innovation 001 Effortless Bird Feeder with Baffle and can be found on  Just click on the picture and off to Amazon you go to take a look at it.

Stacy is lucky enough to have access to the area just beyond her patio and may be able to get the step-on type of bird feeder pole which comes with places to hang from one to four different feeders.  Some of these step-on poles come with feeders, but most do not, in which case you must supply them and possibly hanging hooks too.

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Duncraft Cardinal Window Bird Feeder

One other idea I had was to place a window feeder which uses suction cups on the sliding glass doors.  The cardinals and jays in my backyard will come onto my back porch/patio and sit on my furniture and just stare at me while I sit in my kitchen.  If the your patio is otherwise quiet, its likely the birds will feed from such a feeder.  They are also quite inexpensive so little will be lost if that doesn’t work out.

Window bird feeders are really interesting, but there is one cautionary thought if you use them.  Remember, the birds can frequently not see the glass in the window or door.  The bird feeder will help, but if your windows are large or if you have sliding glasses doors, please use decals, curtains, or something on any large expanse of glass so the bird will see it before he flies into the glass and hurts or even kills himself.  See the post below on safety and window bird feeders.

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