Bird’s Eye View – The Window Bird Feeder


There is nothing quite like sitting just inside the window of an actively used window bird feeder.   I regret to say I’ve found only one set

Simple plans to build a window bird feeder with a removable shelter top

Window Bird Feeder with Removable Shelter Top

of these special bird feeder plans, but on a positive note, building this project appears quite simple and the plans are versatile.

Window bird feeders are no more than an exaggerated extension of your existing window sill or opening.  According to these plans all that is necessary is to attach a horizontal member the width of your window and just below your sill or opening.  The distance just below your window sill should be same as the thickness of the tray itself.  This will allow the tray piece to fit on top of the horizontal piece and be level with the sill or opening.

Cut your tray to extend outward ten or twelve inches and run the width of the window.  Place and attach L-brackets underneath the tray with the longer leg of the L-bracket under the tray. Attach the shorter leg of the L-shape to the horizontal member you affixed to the outside of the house just under the window opening.  The two L-brackets should be spaced to allow for the greatest support.  If your feeder tray is wider than an average window and is extraordinarily long, you will need

Pictured here is a lady with her window opened reaching through to clean out her Window Bird Feeder

Cleaning a Window Bird Feeder

more brackets to support the weight evenly.

As to the best wood to use, redwood cedar is best for durability, but most any wood will do except pressure treated wood.  Pressure treated wood has chemicals that can harm the birds.  You shouldn’t paint your tray either as the birds may pick up paint flecks as they eat which can also be harmful to them.

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